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The Past Doesn't Have to Define You

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Hi, I'm Mandy.

Today, I’m an emotional healing and mindset coach. But a few years ago, I was unfulfilled, depressed, and questioning everything in my life, including my marriage, my career, and my existence.

Those feelings got me on a journey that ultimately led me to quit my job, move across the country, and found a business based on helping women who struggle with many of those same emotions. (While being happily married! 😉)

Rather than forcing my clients to “get over” painful feelings and memories, I help them honor and own their past and present experiences.

I empower women to let go of limiting belief patterns and start listening to their hearts -- so they can lead lives that actually make them happy.

if you're in a place where you feel...


Desperate for positive change in your life but have no clue how to make it happen. 

Angry at the past and terrified you might never manage to move on from it. 

Frustrated that you seem to struggle with things which other people handle easily. 

Stuck in your situation and trapped by the destructive cycles repeating themselves. 

I want to take you to a place where...

You know exactly what makes you happy and you’re not afraid to go for it. 

You will stop with the constant self-judgment and finally be kinder to yourself.

You recognize what’s been upsetting you but it doesn’t trigger you like it used to. 

You’re ready -- and able! -- to have healthier relationships with your loved ones. 

You feel like the crushing blocks holding you back have been lifted at last. 

You know that shit happens but you feel calm and confident that you can deal with it. 

Whether you're dealing with grief, trauma, depression, lack of confidence, career struggles, relationship issues, or you don't know what the problem actually is...

I know that we can make things better for you. 

Here's how i got here...

In 2014, I finally quit my cushy finance job (that had been making me miserable and depressed…) to do something that I thought was my dream.

I’d wanted to build a coaching business for years and had even got myself certified as a coach. But for a long time, I was too afraid to take the leap. 

Finally, I did it!

I had freedom from a career I hated, and I thought that happiness was sure to follow.

The plans for my business were still kinda vague so after leaving my job, I went traveling in Europe for 6 weeks, thinking this was surely the way to find answers in life… right?

But as soon as I got home, reality came crashing in.

For so many years, I’d thought that quitting my finance job was the solution to my depression -- but I was just as lost, scared, and frustrated as I’d ever been.

As I stumbled along trying to decide on next steps and discover some clarity, I fell into a year-long professional training program.

That program turned out to be a year-long journey of healing that I didn’t know I needed.

The more I progressed through it, the more I realized there were things I had stuffed into a box, slammed the lid on, and locked up in my emotional closet, thinking I’d never have to look at them again.​

I realized that my feeling of unhappiness -- which was staining my outlook on everything I did and everyone I interacted with -- didn’t actually have much to do with my present situation.

Instead, it came from stuff I already thought I had dealt with.

Which was weird, because I thought that I had talked to enough therapists about my family, ex-boyfriends, and all the other problems in the past. 

I thought that I had handled it all.

But it turned out there were lingering thoughts and ingrained beliefs from who-knows-how-far-back in my past that were still having a huge -- and debilitating -- impact on my present-day life.

And it wasn’t until I finally stared all that dusty old crap straight in the face that I was able to heal from it.

To cry it out.

To let it rip.

To do what I needed to do to move on and feel at peace.

🎁 Bonus? I finally got a clear vision for my coaching business.

I realized that I wanted to work with other women who were struggling to process and heal from their pasts.

I want to lift off the burden and help them get back their self esteem so they can fall in love with their lives.


I had lost so much of myself that I didn’t know what life was worth living for anymore.

Mandy helped me identify past wounds and question my current state of mind. With this coaching, I found the me that I had forgotten.

Joselyn - The Bronx, ny

With just one session with Mandy, I feel like a deep inner block has been lifted in a way I never thought of doing on my own. 

I have been working on the area I was addressing for quite a while. I just couldn't figure out what to do and this is when Mandy came in. 

Wendy - new york, ny

Kira - Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

In less than 50 minutes, I had managed a huge breakthrough! I was able to reframe a situation that has bothered me for years and leave the session with a completely different outlook.

After constantly failing to do so for years, I was able to have a loving conversation with a loved one as a direct result of my brief call with Mandy.

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