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Do these 5 little things, not just to change your life, but to make yourself happier, and maybe even make a big decision to move across the country. With my imminent move from New York to Portland, I have been contemplating… what is going to be different? I somehow had this idea that moving to […]

This is a continuation of my adventure in Portland. Last week I wrote about how I’ve been stripped of everything that I do that defines who I am. If you haven’t read it, CLICK HERE. On that first day of going back to work, all I had was… work, which really made up only about 20% […]

I’ve been traveling for the past 3 weeks, hanging out with my nephew in Seattle, chilling with college friends in Hood River, and finally settling in Portland for a few weeks to try out a different lifestyle. To be really honest, it hasn’t been a productive couple weeks for me. ​The lifestyle in general is […]

I don’t plan for much, except for plane tickets and hotel reservations. I don’t aim for much, except for enjoying my life from one day to the next. I stopped stressing about the fact that I don’t have my shit together, it’s always perfect and I wouldn’t be able to plan for it even if […]