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Sometimes littles things can change your life, make you happier, and maybe even inspire a big decision. With my imminent move from New York to Portland, I have been contemplating… what is going to be different? I somehow had this idea that moving to a new place will make me happier, less busy, and more […]

Do These 5 Little Things to Change Your Life

Being human is a mix of pain and pleasure. And most of the time, there’s more pain. Boredom for one, is a form of pain that we try to escape from on a daily basis. It’s normal to want to escape, but it’s also natural to be judging yourself for it! This is a continuation […]

Are You Judging Yourself For Escaping?

We all have an identity, it’s how we survive in this world. And mine undeniably has productive in it. I’ve been traveling for the past 3 weeks, hanging out with my nephew in Seattle, chilling with college friends in Hood River, and finally settling in Portland for a few weeks to try out a different […]

Is Your Identity Wrapped Up in Being Productive?