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This blog is a combination of short and sometimes longer posts. This is where you'll find resources and ideas around emotional healing, mindset change, and conscious everyday living, with lots of real life stories from the lives of real people (don't worry, they gave permission and we don't name names)!

They may be wonderful, half-finished, thought-provoking, random, life-changing, or just simply entertaining. 

Reality check day!  I knew I was exhausted, but I can usually keep pushing. Today is the last day prior to my week-long vacation where I’ll have no internet. I had a million things to get done. And 5 snoozes on my alarm later, I simply could not get out of bed. Even my supernatural […]

Are You Exhausted?!

April 12, 2019

“I can’t afford that.” What if you can afford anything you want?  I recommended coaching to a woman who’s been struggling with the separation from her husband for over a year. She said: “I’m not rich, I can’t afford that.”  A lot of people have this assumption that people do certain things because they can […]

How to Stop the “I Can’t Afford That” Pattern

April 8, 2019

We love to ask why! We just love that question. Why did that happen? Why me? Why can’t I ….? Why wouldn’t he/she…? I can keep going for days asking why’s. A friend recently told me that she has a lot of anxiety after having a baby. She said “I’m worried and anxious all the […]

How to Recover from Getting Stuck in the WHY

April 5, 2019

Today I did my final presentation and graduated from an intensive Interior Design program that took over my life the past couple months. There were cheers, congrats, even chocolate and champagne  to celebrate. 🥂🍾   Yet, it felt anti-climatic. I always knew this was going to come — that when I finally “achieved” this goal, […]

Creating My Own Happy Place

April 3, 2019

This little note from the Universe arrived at my inbox today. It really hit home for me as a reminder to pause and notice I am (already) living the pinch me life.  “It’s not as if one day you’ll just look down, Mandy, and discover that you’re on the yellow brick road, living the life […]

Take a Pause, Take a Look, and Discover You’re Already on the Yellow Brick Road

March 29, 2019

Let’s talk about our values… we all have values. Sometimes we use them as an excuse or reason to control people without knowing it.  It’s not bad, and it’s not your fault. It’s just human nature. We think our values are such amazing wonderful things that everyone should have them.  Sometimes we forget that other […]

Let Them Be Them

March 18, 2019