And start healing from the hurts you thought you’d never move on from

Honor Your Past


You want a life where you feel in control. Where the past doesn’t hold you -- or your emotions -- hostage.

You’re ready for a life where you’re calmer. More confident. Kinder to yourself. 

A life where you’ve pulled your hurts into the sunlight, honored them, and then let them go, turning your emotional chaos into clarity so you can soar in a new direction.

You know you’ve been dragging pain from the past around with you for years  -- pain that you can’t seem to shake off.

Sometimes, a specific thing or person triggers you. Sometimes, a bad memory explodes into your mind for no reason at all.

Either way, it makes you feel like crap.
And you’re done with feeling that way.

I tend to ignore that piece of myself where I believe I’m not good enough. Giving it the attention on the call with Mandy has already caused it to start to shift. 

Candace - Oakland, CA

So you can start living your purpose


Do any of these describe where you’re at right now?

Dealing with lingering grief from a bereavement, break-up, or other loss

Recovering from an accident, injury, illness or trauma (that maybe happened ages ago, but still bothers you)

Internal conflict, self-sabotaging behaviors, lack of confidence and/or feelings of hypocrisy

Struggling with career stagnation or dissatisfaction

Difficult relationships with family, friends, colleagues or romantic partners

Seemingly immovable mental blocks, and recurring limiting beliefs or patterns

Persistent feelings of guilt, shame, anger, fear or dissatisfaction

Living a pattern of making fear- or anger-driven decisions 

Now imagine what might it feel like to move past that...

Hi, I’m Mandy. I’m an emotional healing and mindset coach.  

I’m here to take you from a place of tension, tears, and shame, to one of peace and freedom from whatever’s been weighing you down.

After you work with me, you’ll feel as if you’ve finally got the acceptance and clarity you need to move forward and live your life purpose.

You’ll not only accept yourself, but you’ll be ready to stand in your power and take charge of your present and future like the amazing individual you are.

As a result of our work together, you'll...

Free yourself from the crushing mindset and emotional blocks that are currently weighing on you 

Live life with more positive intention and mindfulness, without panicking that you’ll “screw everything up"

Be amazed that you got results so quickly, without having to relive every unpleasant memory in detail

Feel like you’ve flipped the script and transformed how you look at the world and situations around you

As I was releasing, Mandy said everything I needed to hear and breathed with me. she made me feel like I wasn’t alone in my process.

Leilani - boulder, CO

So you can finally step forward... without looking back


An Emotional Clarity Session with Mandy includeS:

You get a sixty-minute, one-on-one emotional clarity session, designed to leave you feeling lighter immediately

Together, we’ll work to identify the experiences and memories that have been weighing on you -- and then we’ll release them in ways that will begin the healing process quickly.

You’ll finish your session feeling as if a strong breeze has swept in and opened up space inside you, allowing you to approach whatever you’re facing with a fresh energy and attitude.

You’ll end your session by receiving personalized exercises and easy strategies to implement, going forward.

These will be customized to help you handle whatever life challenges you’re dealing with right now, and to support you as you transition out of old, destructive patterns

You’ll be able to feel 100% supported, with specific resources to draw on and a plan of action to guide you.

Take-home Mindset Tools

One Hour Deep-Dive Video Call

Maybe you’re thinking, “Could I really see positive change so quickly?” 

Or “I’ve tried everything -- why would this work?”

Well, I’ve been where you are right now. 

And I can tell you that I’ve not only found more happiness for myself, but I’ve helped women all over the world find it too -- even when they didn’t believe that it could ever be possible for them.

$250 for a one-time Emotional Clarity Session. 
$235 per session for a 3-session package (to be used within 2 months)
$220 per session for a 6-session package (to be used within 4 months)

Healing tools and techniques used during sessions include:

Healing modalities such as the Sedona Method and release 

Sitting with resistance

Noble forgiveness (to help you forgive yourself)

Noble healing (to help you heal from past emotional injuries)

Acknowledging, processing, feeling, and honoring past experiences

Mental “body scans”

Encouraging awareness without judgment

Questions, intuition, and insight to provide support, understanding, and acceptance

Let’s get started

Would you like to book a session with me

Excellent! Here’s how to get started.

Step 1. Schedule your first call and make your payment HERE.

Step 2. You’ll receive a confirmation email, with all the details about where and how our call will take place.

Step 3. We’ll hold your session, and get you started on the road to more emotional clarity and happiness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this therapy?
No, these sessions work differently to traditional talk therapy, and I’m not a professional therapist. However, I do use healing methods (such as the Sedona Method) that are used by some therapists in my sessions.

Can I book Emotional Clarity packages right away?
I generally recommend that you initially try a single Emotional Clarity Session, if you’ve never worked with me before. We can discuss larger packages once you’ve had your first session and we have a clearer idea of what else you may need to work on.

How many sessions do people usually need before they start seeing results?
Most people feel noticeably better after just one session. However, you may have multiple things you need to work through, and this could need to be spaced out over several sessions. The most common number of sessions that clients have is between three to twelve sessions.

Email me at with further queries.


So you can open up your future

Sharon - Tempe, AZ

Kira - Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Amy - New York, NY

Joselyn - The Bronx, NY

Ann-Marie - Boston, MA

I initially saw quitting my job as the only option. Instead, I was able to transform my job so it works for me. Mandy is intuitive, insightful, supportive and calls me on my shit.

It wasn’t until I worked with Mandy to release my fears and beliefs, that I have now been able to have more compassion for myself. This experience has provided a lightness and space that wasn't there before. 

I had blocks around my success and a subtle self-doubt that has been with me since childhood. I had an incredible breakthrough after the work I did with Mandy!

With just one session I feel like a deep inner block has been lifted in a way I never thought of doing on my own. 

In less than 50 minutes, I had managed a huge breakthrough! I was able to reframe a situation that has bothered me for years and leave the session with a completely different outlook.

So you can finally set your present free from your past